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Genuine Provider

As a medical tourism services provider from India we keep our focus on Asia, Europe and GCC nationals.All partners of the Consortium represent medical centers with high standard and dedication. The main value is an easy access to the experts when the price of the intervention is lower than in another European countries. Medical expenses are very competitive to residue of the another European countries like Germany, UK, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Affiliated diagnostics and treatment centres are ready to take care of the patients with a chronic disability and all kind of functional disabilities.

Our Value

The global market for medical tourism is growing; it is estimated that India had opportunity to host 300, 000 foreign patient and family that used a variety of medical tourism services. Medical tourism was established in early 90’s when American, SOuth African, Arabian, German and British would come for dentistry and sport injury treatment. From year 2000 India offers many medical services in high standards followed by skilled health professionals. Consortium of medical services gathers medical facilities that are trained to receive Arabic patients.

Before Your admission

Before you travel

On the basis of the medical documentation provided by the patient , our consultant helps you to choose the most appropriate facility to meet the requirements of the medical traveler and his family.

After analyzing the patient’s medical records, the selected center will propose the most appropriate medical procedures and an appraisal, together with possible dates of visit based on your preferences.

After confirming the dates of your stay and establishing formal issues, the patient in person must apply for a visa at the Indian embassy. Consortium of Medical Services can help you in ensuring that your visa is issued on time.

Confirming the dates of flights.

Stay In India

Upon arrival, shortly after leaving the plane your welcoming service which will be waiting for you, helping to get acquainted with the airport, go through passport control and pick up your luggage. After leaving the airport a dedicated concierge will also be waiting for you (English), who will watch over you during your stay in India.

According to the preliminary arrangements the patient along with the personal assistant will continue indirectly (eg. desire to spend time / night in hotel) or directly to the selected center.

While You are a patient

Personal Assistant will review the preliminary arrangements and requirements relating to the treatment and the patient's stay to help assuring the best possible communication with the medical team. After clarifying the issue of medical treatments, the required number of sessions or ways of therapy, the PA will propose additional CONCIERGE premium services to facilitate visiting tourist attractions of the area, planning further trips around India , familiarize you with the cultural and culinary offer as well as present the best shopping options and leisure activities. The offer fits great in the course of your stay.

When You are discharged

Going Back Home

After the end of your stay in the medical facility you will receive documentation (in English) concerning the procedure and stages of the diagnostic and therapeutic process as well as recommendations for further proceedings concerning:

  • Further medical procedures (eg, medical examination or laboratory)
  • Further treatment
  • Lifestyle modification (eg, dietary).
  • Selection of supplies and equipment

Rights & responsibilities

As a patient, you have the right to:

1.Dignity and respect

You will be treated with dignity and respect at all stages of your medical treatment and by all members of the Consortium of medical services team.

2.Proper medical care

You will receive the best available, properly prescribed, and expertly administered medical care.

3.Know your clinicians and caregivers

You will know the names, professional status, and experience of all members of the staff who provide your care and treatment.

4.A second opinion

If you wish to receive a second opinion on any diagnosis or recommendation from the Consortium of medical services, you have the right to receive our assistance in facilitating this second opinion. (Please note that any associated costs for obtaining a second opinion must be met by the patient.)

5.Complete information and informed consent

You will be given complete information about your diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in language you can understand and in basic terms. You have the right to ask questions and receive answers you understand. You have the right to get all of the facts you need in order to give us informed consent for your medical treatment. You have the right to participate in all decisions relating to your treatment.

6.Refuse treatment

You have the right to refuse any or all treatment and you have the right to be fully informed about the potential consequences of such a decision.

7.Pain management

The staff at the Consortium of medical services will take your complaints about pain and discomfort very seriously. Your pain will be properly assessed and appropriately managed.

8.Access your medical records

If you wish to have access to your medical records, they may be requested and will be provided to you within a reasonable period of time.


All communications and records pertaining to your care and treatment will be considered as confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party without your express, written, prior approval.

10.Rules and regulations

You have the right to obtain a written copy of the medical center rules and regulations that apply to your conduct as a patient.

11.Billing information

You may request and receive a copy of your bill or other statement charges.

12.Patients' Responsibilities

Patients' involvement in their own care is critical to the healing process. For this reason, the patients at the Consortium of medical services are expected to assume certain responsibilities for their care as outlined below. As a patient, you are responsible for the following:

13.Seeking medical attention

If you need medical attention, please ask for it at once.

14.Providing your clinicians with information

Please provide us with the most thorough and accurate medical history possible, including information about past illnesses, allergies, prior hospitalisations, medications you take, and any other matters relating to your health.

15.Complying with medical instructions

Please follow the advice and instructions that your physicians and other clinicians give you. Notify your physician at once of any significant or remarkable changes in your condition or if you fail to improve once you leave the medical center. If there is anything about your medical treatment or recovery process that you do not understand, please ask your physician or nurse. Please keep all appointments; it is very important to monitor your recovery. If you must cancel an appointment, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice. If you need medical care but it is not a medical emergency, please refrain from using emergency services and seek care during regular hours.

16.Accepting responsibility if refusing treatment

You have the right to refuse treatment, but you are responsible for the consequences if you refuse treatment or if you do not follow the instructions provided to you by your physicians, nurses, or other medical personnel. By the same token, you are responsible for the consequences if you do not comply with your rehabilitation program.

17.Arranging payment for medical services and professional charges

Please make necessary arrangements so that all financial obligations for your healthcare are met promptly and completely. You are responsible for providing necessary information and documentation to Consortium of medical services, if requested.

18.Being respectful and considerate to others

Please be respectful and considerate to the other patients and take necessary steps to be sure your visitors extend the same courtesy. Please be aware that too many visitors or loud conversations or excessive noise may be annoying or even disturbing to other patients. Be respectful of the property of others and take appropriate steps to protect your own personal belongings. Please be respectful of the staff and your caregivers; treat them as you wish to be treated yourself.

19.Following medical center rules and regulations

Please abide by the hospital rules and regulations. They are put in place for your safety and well-being. We at the Consortium of medical services welcome constructive feedback about our services and our policies.

20.Patient Complaints

You and your family may submit any request for information or expression of concern verbally or in writing to the Consortium administrator.

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