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Wound Care

The Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center at Island Hospital has two oversized hyperbaric oxygen chambers equipped with the latest computer technology that allows technicians to control pressure and temperature, as well as communication and entertainment options for patients.


Using the most advanced wound healing techniques including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we can achieve excellent outcomes in a very high percentage of our patients.

Approximately five million Americans each year suffer from chronic, non-healing wounds. Wounds may be caused by diabetes, poor circulation, traumatic injury, radiation therapy and other causes. These non-healing wounds occur when the level of oxygen in and around the wound drops below a certain level and your body's normal healing process and ability to fight infection become greatly impaired. Chronic wounds such as these require specialized wound care and sometimes, hyperbaric therapy treatment.


Successful treatment requires highly specialized and closely coordinated care. The wound care and hyperbaric medicine center designs a complete, individualized treatment plan for each patient involving the patient’s family doctor or referring physician.Depending upon the nature of the wound, treatment plans may include:

Comprehensive Wound Services

We offer a full range of patient and referring physician services as well as expert evaluation, individual therapy plans and support for each patient. Our wound care services include:

Wounds We Treat

We treat a range of acute and chronic wounds:

Benefits of Wound Care Treatment

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