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IVF & Surrogacy Services


There are many would-be parents today who are unable to conceive and/or carry a child naturally. Unlike many years ago, however, today there are some very viable options available to such couples and individuals for still being able to have the child that they so much want and deserve. The process of surrogacy entails the use of one woman's uterus to implant and carry the embryo of a child as well as to deliver the baby for another individual or couple. The woman who carries the child is referred to as a surrogate mother.


Surrogacy is the union of science, society, services and person that make it a reality. Surrogacy leads to a win-win situation for both the infertile couple and the surrogate mother. The infertile couple is able to fulfill their most important desire and the surrogate mother receives the suitable reward.

Nature of treatment

IVF surrogacy uses a third party “gestational surrogate” to carry the pregnancy when a patient is unable to carry a baby to term herself. The gestational surrogate may also be called the “gestational carrier” or “gestational mother.” The gestational surrogate signs a contract with the intended parent or parents to undergo an embryo transfer procedure using embryos created through IVF and to carry the resulting pregnancy. In all cases, the gestational surrogate has no genetic ties to the baby she carries. Gay couples often use a gestational surrogate, but as they will use donor eggs or the eggs of the surrogate herself (also known as “traditional surrogacy”) this process is not usually referred to as IVF surrogacy.

Side Effects of Surrogacy Services

Like any other pregnancy, surrogate pregnancies involve the same medical risks of carrying a child and giving birth. These can include nausea from morning sickness, weight gain, swelling, back pain, heartburn and other uncomfortable side effects. Some more serious side effects are conditions that can develop during the pregnancy like gestational diabetes, hypertension or potential damage to your reproductive organs.



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