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What ia Preventive health care

Preventive health is the use of recognized proactive health screenings, counseling and maintenance to prevent future illness and treatment. Preventive health is also known as preventive medicine or prophylaxis.

Preventive health measures save insurance providers and patients from expensive healthcare costs in the long run while providing better patient outcomes. Usually, these benefits motivate healthcare insurance providers to cover preventive health measures.

Preventive health measures focus on preventable disease, injury and patient illness that can be caught early to save the patient suffering from the resulting condition. Aside from regularly advised healthy diet and exercise, physicians use other preventative health measures. By using early screenings, warning signs for many health conditions can be detected and the conditions prevented or their impact reduced if they are found early. Including regular doctor checkups and appropriate immunizations, proactive screening measures can help discover many health conditions in their early stages, including depression, sexually transmitted infections (STI), cancer and diabetes.

Some preventable health issues are brought on by patient behaviors like smoking and environmental or workplace exposure to harmful substances. Preventive health also focuses on counseling to address patient behaviors and educate patients on how these factors can affect their health. Diabetes, smoking, obesity and STI risks are common counseling topics when addressing patient behavior and awareness in preventive health.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all healthcare insurance providers in the United States must cover selected preventative health measures without further copayment or coinsurance.

Types of Preventive Care

Below are examples of different types of preventive care:
  • Consistent Physical Activity - helps prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer, along with degenerative conditions effecting the muscles and nervous system such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.
  • Proper Nutrition - eating a wide variety of nutritious foods helps keep the body's systems functioning properly and can prevent conditions such as diabetes.
  • Stress Management - helps individuals prevent short-term conditions such as ulcers and long-term conditions such as heart disease.
  • Avoiding Tobacco - not smoking or chewing, along with avoiding second-hand smoke, can help prevent emphysema and lung cancer.
  • Preventive Screenings - participating in screenings for cancer, heart disease and diabetes allows for proper diagnosis and early treatment.

Why Use Preventive Care?

Preventive care is important because it helps you stay healthy and access prompt treatment when necessary, and it can also help reduce your overall medical expenses.

Stay healthier and get more effective treatment – Many types of screenings and tests can catch a disease before it starts. Starting treatment or lifestyle changes before a disease starts or while it is still in its early stages will help you stay healthier or recover more quickly.

Pay less for medical expenses – Preventive care saves you money in two ways. First, preventive care helps lower the long-term cost of managing disease because it helps catch problems in the early stages when most diseases are more readily treatable.

Adopting preventive care techniques like home "Monitoring"

Adopting preventive care techniques like home monitoring allows patients to keep a close eye on their health and ensure that symptoms do not go out of control. By careful monitoring, healthcare providers and doctors can also take necessary measures to reduce the chances of a health catastrophe.

As consumers continue to gain more awareness and access to healthcare information over the internet or via alternate mediums, the chances of increasing life expectancy will also improve. India has an unprecedented opportunity to become a healthy nation with the ability to take the right preventive steps.

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